Holiday time

About 17 million people live in The Netherlands.
At the beginning of July a third part of the country, this year the Southern part went first, goes abroad to enjoy the sun and other surroundings. This year, after a week, the Northern part of The Netherlands went on holidays and another week later the Middle.
It’s amazing though that within a few days the world around us, in the South, falls quiet.
Hardly any people on the street.
Nearly total absence of cars, at least the always hurrying “yuppies” in their latest and biggest SUV’s.
It’s nice to go for a ride again and go to shopping malls.
No parking problems. No queues in shops.
Of course there are some visitors, but they are not in a hurry.
If the world could always be like this, that would be nice to live in.
The size of this country is not fit for 17 million people and I often wonder how people in large cities, like New York, Istanbul, Shanghai, London, etc. survive.
It’s not healthy.
Rats start fighting when there are too many on a small surface and so do people.

There should be a limit to the amount of people living on a square kilometer.
More small self-sufficient communities.
Of course it will mean longer work-commuting distances and times, but provision should be made for fast transport, communal and private.